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Disclaimer & Liability

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs does not give medical or diagnostic advice. Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs is a resource to be used at the discretion of trained medical and pharmaceutical professionals. Brief Media does not guarantee that Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs will cite all possible uses, precautions, dosages, drug interactions, adverse events or side effects, procedures, or directions. Brief Media and any partnering affiliate involved in the creation of Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs are not responsible for any direct, indirect, or perceived damage, loss, or injury incurred from use or misuse of Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs information.

Permitted Use

Access to Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs content is granted only to subscribers and authorized users. Content is not allowed to be shared. The Veterinary Medication Guides are not to be shared outside of the product’s intended purpose (ie, directly and privately from the veterinary practice or pharmacy to pet owners).

Brief Media encourages distribution of Veterinary Medication Guides to pet owners upon prescription of a drug. Veterinary Medication Guides and monographs should be downloaded at the time of distribution or use to ensure the most recent version is being used. See Updates.

Upon cancellation of a subscription, all printed and downloaded materials should be discarded or deleted by the subscriber from any device.

Extended Use

Queries and requests for licensing Plumb’s Veterinary Drug content, or for accommodations for corporate or multiple-practice networks, can be submitted to the publisher directly at https://www.plumbsveterinarydrugs.com/#!/contact

Prohibited Use

Licensed materials are protected and are strictly prohibited from being copied or modified. Plagiarism involves the copying and distribution of published materials and is prohibited.

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs content should not be shared outside of veterinary–client interactions or with unauthorized practices or users.

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs content should not be copied for resale or commercial use, distributed online outside of the materials’ intended purpose (see Permitted Use), or aggregated onto unauthorized software.

Unlawful use is prohibited.

Brief Media reserves all right to suspend or terminate subscriptions if any use is deemed inappropriate.

Subscriber Accounts

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Brief Media is committed to updating Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs and its assets regularly to reflect any changes in clinical, pharmaceutical, or industry practices. To ensure users receive the most up-to-date information, Brief Media advises against downloading PDFs or content directly to any drive or printing PDFs for future or incidental use. Users are at risk of sharing outdated content if not using it directly and recently from Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs.

Contacting the Publisher

Brief Media, publisher of Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, welcomes user feedback and encourages users to contact us with any concern, comment, idea, or question. Queries may be channeled through appropriate customer service and pharmaceutical expert channels for optimal assistance.

Users may contact us at https://www.plumbsveterinarydrugs.com/#!/contact

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