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A tool that supports your whole team—and your patients—ultimately supports you, too. Make Plumb’s Pro part of your practice toolkit today to help save your team’s time, make your practice more efficient, and retain your talented staff.

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Everything they need in one Plumb’s

Empower your team to quickly find essential information, double-check details for patient safety, and stay ahead of client questions.

Everything they need in one Plumb’s

Empower your team to quickly find essential information, double-check details for patient safety, and stay ahead of client questions.

Help clinicians work smarter, not harder

With smart search and easy navigation, Plumb’s Pro helps veterinarians get to the clinical answers they need in seconds. Put practical, continually updated advice within reach on every device.

Stay ahead of dangerous drug interactions

Drug errors are among the most common medical mistakes in veterinary medicine. Reduce patient risk by providing your team with the first-of-its-kind veterinary drug interaction checker.

Make communication a breeze

Help your team spend less time dotting i’s and crossing t’s. Pet owner handouts are easy to print or email to clients. You can even send a blind copy to your practice to record what was shared with the pet owner.

Give the team a peek behind the scenes

Team members might know what a clinician is recommending but might not know why. Approachable clinical content provides context to support confident, consistent recommendations by the entire team.

Make effective client education easier

Informed clients are often the most satisfied clients. With easy-to-understand handouts on everything from clinical conditions and preventive care to common procedures, medications, and more, your team can help clients see the value of the care they provide.

Interested in Plumb’s Pro for your practice?

If you’re considering making Plumb’s Pro part of your team’s toolkit, get in touch with us! We’d love to walk you through a live demo and answer any questions you have. Click below to choose a time that works for you.

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A safer, more streamlined practice with Plumb’s Pro

From one platform, your team can make a treatment plan, confirm drug dosages, check drug interactions, and provide pet owners with all the information they need—with just a few clicks.


Simplify decision-making with quick access to the practical information your team needs every day.


Find expert-written, continually updated information and tools designed to support optimal patient care.

Easy to understand

It’s no textbook. Plumb’s Pro is designed to give busy veterinary teams and their clients clear, concise information.


Start with individual access for 2 or more users and add licenses as your practice grows. Plans are customizable to your team’s needs. Special access is available for support staff.

Plumb’s Pro
A powerful clinical decision support tool for every step of veterinary care—from diagnosis and treatment to pet owner education
Starting at
Split up your payments with monthly billing, or save 10% when you choose annual billing. Savings available for groups of 5 or more.
Working in a large practice (more than 10 veterinarians) or a group of practices?
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Give your whole team access to:
  • Peer-reviewed, actionable information on presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and more for clinical conditions and signs
  • Practical guidance for when optimal care is declined
  • High-quality in-line images and videos
  • An extensive library of flowcharts offering step-by-step support for diagnosis and management
  • Continual updates to all content at no additional cost
  • Easy-to-navigate drug monographs covering dosing, uses and indications, adverse effects, and more on 800+ drugs
  • An animal-specific drug interaction checker for evaluating potential drug-to-drug interactions
  • Drug handouts on 550+ commonly used drugs
  • Clinical handouts covering clinical conditions, procedures, preventive care recommendations, and more
  • Print/email feature for easy sharing (without revealing your email address to pet owners)
  • Fast, intuitive site-wide search
  • A built-in conversion calculator to confirm your mental math
  • Notes and favorites to customize your Plumb’s
  • Access via web browser on any network-connected device (plus, app for iOS and Android coming in 2022)
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