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Choose the best path forward for every patient

Manage your cases confidently with practical, peer-reviewed monographs on hundreds of clinical conditions and signs, written by experts and designed for use at every step of case workup.

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Clinically relevant

Get clear, actionable guidance you can apply to every patient care decision.


Search by disease or clinical sign (like glaucoma or blindness) to find answers from any device.

Continually updated

Stay current with updates from an expert team of veterinary specialists.

“Plumb’s Pro has replaced my strong attachment to three quick reference textbooks and an online service. It provides concise discussions of disease conditions and diagnostic algorithms by clinical signs—all in addition to the Plumb’s drug monographs.”
Thomas McCoy, DVM
Harvard Avenue Veterinary Hospital

What you get

Make confident decisions when it matters most

These practical clinical monographs are written with general practice in mind and cover the clinically relevant information you need to efficiently work up your cases.

Trusted support at your fingertips

Find reliable diagnostic and treatment information on hundreds of clinical conditions and signs, from Alabama rot to xylitol toxicosis and everything in between.

Practical guidance in the moment

Each monograph provides clear, actionable recommendations for every step of case workup, from presentation to follow-up, so you can solve your patient care puzzles and move on to your next appointment.

Peer-reviewed insights you can rely on

Dx & Tx are written by boarded veterinary specialists and undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure accuracy and clinical relevance.

Continual updates help you stay current

Like all Plumb’s content, Dx & Tx are continually updated to help you keep up with significant developments in veterinary medicine.

Tackle clinical challenges with real‑life answers

Facing a case that isn’t by the book? Jump to the Clinical Challenges section, where you’ll discover real-life advice for issues, challenges, and curious encounters you won’t find in your stack of reference books. Plus, you can even submit your unique challenges for potential inclusion in the next update.

How it works

Find answers at every step

Tired of digging through a dozen resources to find one answer? Dx & Tx are organized for efficient decision-making at the point of care, and they’re easy to find from any device.

Search by disease or clinical sign

Start typing and Plumb’s will automatically offer results. Convenient filters help you narrow your search by species and classification (eg, infectious, zoonotic).

Jump to the details you need in a click

The predictable format includes a clickable table of contents as well as convenient links to information on presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and even consensus statements.

Share key insights with pet owners

Help pet owners process and understand crucial details about their pet’s treatment, prognosis, and next steps for care with printable, easy-to-understand clinical handouts.

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