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Consult current, comprehensive veterinary drug information in seconds, from your phone, tablet, or computer. The convenient format and easy-to-use tools will save you time every day.

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Access drug information anywhere

Mobile. Tablet. Desktop. From your personal phone to your practice workstations, Plumb’s is there whenever you need it.

Find current details on 800+ drugs

Search by drug or trade name to get accurate veterinary drug information with comprehensive reference lists and insights for a wide range of species and indications.

Enhance your clinical decision-making

Review practical information on over-the-counter toxins in small animals, treatment for overdoses and toxicities, prescription writing abbreviations, and more from the in-depth appendix.

Get updates as they roll out

Stay informed about new veterinary drugs and evolving dosages and applications of existing drugs with continual updates developed by a team of veterinarians and veterinary pharmacists.

Confirm your mental math

Convert and calculate without leaving Plumb’s

Use the built-in conversion calculator to convert common units (like lb/kg, °C/°F, oz/g) and easily calculate doses.

Save time with shortcuts

Personalize your quick reference list

From drug monographs to appendix articles and medication guides, favorite the content you turn to most for even faster access from any device.

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Store reminders, preferred protocols, and more

No more scribbling notes in your book's margins. Easily add notes to any drug monograph and access them wherever you work, from any internet-connected device.

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Access veterinary drug information anywhere

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